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How Women Are Learning To Speak Up — in Print
By Renee Ghert-Zand | May 25, 2010


Women Take Aim at Op-Ed Pages
By Chloe Angyal | March 30, 2010

Catherine Orenstein likes metaphors. When the journalist and writer founded The OpEd Project in 2008, with seed money from the social entrepreneurship fund Echoing Green, she had a particular metaphor in mind. Op-eds...


The Op-Ed Project: Bringing Women's Voices To The Opinion Page
By Sarah Menkedick | January 25, 2010 

At The OpEd Project's writing seminars, women are asked to finish the sentence, "I am an expert in..."

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Interview with Catherine Orenstein, October 30, 2009.

A new report proposes a set of recommendations that endorse public policy as part of the solution to securing the future of news. And the Op-Ed Project is expanding public debate by training women to contribute their ideas to the public discourse in many ways. (Listen Here)

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