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Bigger hurdles, than dismal job growth for unemployed

By Rebecca Dixon | July 25, 2012

(PBS) Across the nation, unemployed Americans suited up and headed to hundreds of job fairs in June, promoted by the U.S. Labor Department as “American Job Fair Month.” Imagine that you, an unemployed worker, have waited in a long line for hours to get into a job fair, but when you finally reach the door, you’re turned away. Your rejection has nothing to do with your qualifications or even your attire. The attendant takes one look at your resume and points to a sign on the door that reads “Unemployed need not apply.”


We Shouldn't Have It All
By Susan Celia Greenfield | July 27, 2012
(The Huffington Post) The revelation that Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's newly-appointed CEO, is pregnant has ignited yet another discussion about whether or not this high profile future mother will manage to "have it all." If Anne-Marie Slaughter's recent Atlantic Monthly cover story "Why Women Still Can't Have it All" is any indication, Mayer's success is unlikely. As a middle-aged feminist, I can't stand to read another word about this "problem." In a society with such gross social and economic inequities, why are we still talking about whether or not this or that privileged woman can "have it all?" Why is "having it all" still a feminist goal? 


Life in Lady Writer Heaven

By Courtney Martin | July 23, 2012

(Women's Media Center) It can be the most romantic time of year to be a writer. A few of the luckiest among us head off to cabins in the back country corners of America to finish our novels, memoirs, and manifestos at much-coveted writing residencies. Book dreams that we incubated all of that busy winter are finally going to hatch in the light of a hazy summer day with a picnic on our doorsteps and all the time in the world to be indulgent about our words.




Ignoring the Real Issues Behind Fast and Furious

By Joy Strickland | July 18, 2012

(The Huffington Post) Operation Fast and Furious is living up to its moniker. Trapped for many months below the radar screen, the story recently found a safe perch above the noise as it grew into a full blown scandal. Characterized as a gunrunning operation run amuck, Fast and Furious has led to the removal of the acting director of the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; repeated congressional hearings; President Obama's first assertion of executive privilege to protect documents subpoenaed by congressional investigators; and most recently to the Republican-led House voting to find the attorney general in contempt of congress--a first for a sitting cabinet member.



 When will the US get real gun control?

By Joy Strickland | July 24, 2012

(Aljazeera) On June 19, 1993, my 19-year-old son was killed with a friend in a random act of gun violence. Chris and his friend were brutally slain by two juveniles who were under the influence of illegal drugs and looking for someone to carjack. As a survivor, I am intimately familiar with the overwhelming awareness of sudden and traumatic loss, which has descended like a dark cloud over Aurora, Colorado. In the coming weeks, the town will receive all the attention a nation can muster. But eventually the spotlight will dim, and the long and difficult work of healing their lives and mending their community must begin. Ironically, the one of the largest mass shootings in recent US history occurred in a city named by Forbes Magazinein 2011 as the nation's ninth safest place to live.


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