Campaigns are strategic interventions we create with partners, to serve and elevate a particular group of underrepresented voices, or viewpoints, within a concentrated time frame. 


A campaign can target specific individuals, or it can target a specific kind of expertise, identity or background. A campaign can also target people across the nation (that is, it is not geographically restricted to any one location), so can be a way to connect or unite organizations or communities that are geographically dispersed. A campaign takes place over multiple months (up to one year). The goal is to have clear and measurable results (op-eds and more) that track back to the campaign, and significantly amplify the targeted group.


How it works:  a partner (you) may propose the size, location and identity of the group to be elevated. If we agree that the proposed group aligns with our mission, we create a timeline to amplify the group, and reserve a block of spots for the designated individuals in our upcoming day-long Write To Change The World workshops across the U.S. Workshops are offered ~50x/year in a rotation of major U.S. cities. Individuals within a campaign may attend the workshop in any city and date they choose, any time within the agreed time frame, up to a year. As the partner, you may ask (or require) your people to commit to writing one or more op-eds, as a condition for being part of the campaign. After attending the workshop, all participants receive access to our journalist mentors for ongoing follow up (and professional feedback on their op-eds). Individuals can also connect virtually for peer mentoring, on a shared email or Facebook group.  At the end of larger campaigns (100+ people) we will also do an assessment to track the campaign's results, and so that you can announce your impact. 


Benefits:  participants have the opportunity to declare an intention and commit to a collective result. You have the opportunity to organize them around that intention, and raise the profile of your organization, cause, or topic through the voices of your own community. The group receives a better rate as a campaign (the larger the group, the more favorable the rate) than if people register on their own. This is an extremely no-nonsense, cost-effective, mission-oriented, self-actualizing way to advance a set of ideas or voices.


Campaign rates (tentative): For twenty people, $6000 ($300/person, compared to an average cost of $375/person for individuals who register on their own). For fifty people, $13,750 (275/person). For 100 people, $25,000 (250/person). A single person or entity must pay the full campaign cost in advance, to receive the campaign rate. You can pass along the cost/savings to your people, or not, as you wish.