Submission Information: Outlets 101-126


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101. Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)

Letters: 250 words. Read guidelines. Submit via e-mail to, by mail to Letters to the Editor, Telegram & Gazette, Box 15012, Worcester, MA 01615-0012.
Circulation: 79,650 (Sunday) | Online: 500,000 unique monthly visitors (2014)
102. Spokesman- Review (Spokane, WA)

Letters: Letters up to 200 words on topics of general interest may be submitted. All letters are subject to editing. Please include contact information. Submit via this online form. More.
Circulation: 93,917 (Sunday)
103. News Journal (Daytona Beach, FL)

Op-Eds: 400-500 words. E-mail (no attachments, with “op-ed” as subject heading) to Scott Kent, Call 386-681-2248 with questions.
Letter: 300 words. The piece should cover a single subject. Include your full name and contact. The piece may be edited. Submit via this online form, by e-mail to, by mail to Letters to the Editor, The News-Journal, P.0. Box 2831, Daytona Beach, FL 32120 or by fax: 386/258-1577.
Circulation: 61,000 (daily) and 83,000 (Sunday) (2011) | Online: 131,000 unique monthly visitors (2012)
104. Washington Times (DC)

Op-Eds: 600 to 800 words. The Washington Times does not accept unsolicited manuscripts by e-mail. Please mail all articles. Requires exclusivity in DC area, i.e. cannot submit to Washington Post when submitting to Washington Times. E-mail
Letters: 300 words. Please include your name, address and a phone number where you can be reached. Email to
Circulation: 3.7 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

105. Philadelphia Daily News / (PA)

Op-Eds: 600 words. Must be exclusive to Daily News and include contact information. E-mail
Letters: Make sure to sign your letter and include address, day & evening phone numbers and email. Send by mail: Box 7788 Philadelphia, PA 19101. By Fax: (215) 854-5691. By e-mail: . All submissions become property of the Daily News and may be republished in any form or medium. Writers are limited to one published letter every two weeks. Submit by e-mail to
Circulation: 78,363 (daily) and 103,211 (Sunday) (2014) | Online: 7.5 to 9 million monthly visitors (2013)
106. Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)

Op-Eds: Up to 700 words. Submit articles via e-mail to Opinion Editor Tom Tryon,
Letters: 300 words or less, submit via this online form.
Circulation: 73,698 (daily) and 94,806 (Sunday) | Online: 800,000 unique monthly visitors (2014)
107. Forbes Magazine

Op-Eds: They prefer shorter pieces, longer ones will take longer to evaluate. Allow five business days for review. Do not follow-up to find out if they have reviewed it. If you have not heard in 5 days, you can assume they are passing. If they accept a piece, they reserve the right to edit it for clarity. Submit via e-mail to More.
Circulation: 17 million unique monthly visitors (2014)
108. Chronicle of Philanthropy

Op-Eds: Articles for the Opinion pages should focus on issues of concern to charities, foundations, donors, and others who have a stake in the charitable nonprofit world. They may also discuss national or international affairs, in the context of their impact on the work of charities and grant makers. They may be sent by e-mail to or by regular mail to: Opinion Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1255 23rd Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037.. 
Letters: Letters may be sent by e-mail to or by regular mail to Letters to the Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1255 23rd Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037.
Circulation: Print: Around 78,000 readers | Online: 208,000 unique monthly visitors (2014)

109. The Huffington Post

Op-Eds: 800 words. The Huffington Post is an aggregate blog that features both professional columnists and non-columnists. Submissions should focus on timeliness and credibility: write what you know and, preferably, when it is relevant. Pitch to Hayley Miller at  
Circulation: The blog receives and estimated 13 million unique visitations per month (February, 2011: per,   
Read The OpEd Project’s interview with Stuart Whatley, Huffington Post Associate Blog Editor in the Washington D.C. bureau.
Circulation: 46 million US unique monthly visitors and 78 million global unique monthly visitors (2013)
110. NPR (National Public Radio)

Commentary: 450 words, We look for commentary or essays that tell a tale, reveal a personal reflection, or add an informed perspective to events in the news. We want pieces that express an original idea with clear, creative writing. While many essays are from regularly scheduled commentators, we also want to hear from people who can comment on a once-only basis. See more guidelines. Send your commentary (with the words "Commentary Submission" in the subject line) to Morning or All Things Considered:
Circulation: 34.2 million weekly listeners | Online: 17.2 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

111. ColorLines (The national newsmagazine on race and politics)

Op-Eds: They welcome queries for their news and analysis features. Please send your queries in the body of an email, rather than as an attachment, to Include “editorial query” in the subject line. They discourage sending completed manuscripts. Read their four tips (know what they do, be timely, show, don’t tell, and sell it).

An executive of the Applied Research Center, the public policy institute that ColorLines is a project of, provided us with exemplary Op-Eds by ARC staff: "The White Supremacist in Us," by Rinku Sen, published in the Huffington Post; "Taking on Postracialism" by Rinku Sen, published in On the Issues Magazine; "Torn Apart by Homeland Security" by Julianne Hing, published in ColorLines  "New York Abandons Role as Sanctuary for Immigrants," by Seth Wessler, published in the Huffington Post. Check them out to get a better idea of what ColorLines is looking for. 
Circulation: 1.4 million unique monthly visitors (2014)
112. The Globe and Mail (Toronto, ON Canada)

Facts & Arguments: 800-1000 words. Essays should be on a personal rather than a political subject. Submissions can come from anywhere in the world. E-mail submissions to (no attachments) or mail them to Facts & Arguments, The Globe and Mail, 444 Front St. W., Toronto, ON, M5V 2S9. You'll be notified within one month only if your essay is going to be used. More.
Comment: 650 words. Include your name, mailing address and daytime phone number. You will be notified within two weeks if it’s accepted. If you do not hear back, it is safe to assume they passed. If it is accepted, you will be asked to sign a freelance agreement. Submit via e-mail to (no attachments) or by fax to 416-585-5085. More.
Letters to the Editor: 150 words. Any subject is fine. G&M reserves the right to condense and edit them. Include name, mailing address, and daytime phone number. Submit via e-mail to (no attachments) or by fax to 416-585-5085. More.
Circulation: 4.4 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

113. Slate Magazine

Op-Eds: Unsolicited articles should be emailed to​ with "article submission" in the subject line. They cannot respond to every submission. More.
Circulation: Nearly 2.5 million unique monthly visitors (2014)
114. New American Media (The first and largest collaboration of ethnic news organizations)

Articles: 800 word max. Exclusive submissions only. All stories are considered on an "on spec" basis. Please email stories to Elena Shore ( and Andrew Lam at . Include your telephone number and how you wish to be described in the editor's note. More.  
115. The Root (published by Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive)

Freelancers interested in writing for The Root should submit 1-2 paragraph story pitches, along with links to previously published clips. Please copy and paste the pitch into the body of the email and also attach as a word document. Send submissions, along with a short bio and contact information to More.
Circulation: 5.16 million unique monthly visitors (2014)
116. (African American Breaking News and Opinions)

Op-Eds: 400-500 words. Submit a 250 word (or fewer) query first. Briefly summarize your article proposal and your relevant experience. They are looking for well-informed, punchy writing concerning the African-American experience. Submissions should be sent by email to: . Make sure the subject line is titled "Submission." More.
Circulation: 2.5 million unique monthly visitors (2013)
117. Ms. Magazine

Submissions: Please include a brief bio and 2-3 previously published clips. Query letters should clearly state the topic of your proposed project and qualifications to write on this topic. You can also submit 800 word pieces for consideration. Looking for pieces that examine politics, social commentary, popular culture, law, education, art, and the environment through a feminist lens. Don't consider articles on fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, food or "self-help." Writers should reference several recent issues to familiarize themselves with content and style. Submit queries and articles via e-mail to Michele Kort, More.
Letters to the Editor: send to 
Circulation: 578,000 unique monthly visitors (2014)
118. The Nation (a periodical devoted to politics and culture, self-described as "the flagship of the left")

Submissions: 750 words but send a short query initially. On the domestic front, they are particularly interested in civil liberties, civil rights, labor, economics, environmental and feminist issues and politics. Because they have readers all over the country, it's important that stories have national significance. In their foreign affairs coverage, they are interested in pieces on international political, economic and social developments. Submit queries via this online form.
Letters: 300 words (the shorter the letter is, the more likely that it will be published). Please include a postal address and phone number. The Nation may edit letters for space or clarity. Submit letters via this online form (preferred), or by mailing to The Editor, The Nation, 33 Irving Place, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10003.
Circulation: 1.2 million unique online visitors (2014)
119. The Women's Media Center

Submissions: 600-800 words. Initial pitches should be 1-2 paragraphs in length. They look for timely stories and commentaries that provide a missing feminist perspective on news events, underreported topics, stories that analyze the media’s treatment of women, and stories about women in the media industry. Personal perspectives are welcome. They avoid straight profiles, celebrity interviews, and reviews unless the reporting/commentary is in a context of investigating issues of concern to women in such areas as women and work, the environment, human rights, choice, and women as leaders and peacemakers. Submit a pitch here. More info.

120.  Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Op-Eds: 700 words. Prefer submissions authored by Minnesota residents or about topic of interest to residents. Submit via this online form or to Tips.
Letters: 200 words. Include all contact information. All letters become the property of the Star Tribune and if chosen. Submit via this online form or to Tips.  
Circulation: 301,494 (daily) and 569,743 (Sunday) | Online: 80 million monthly page views (not unique) (2014)

121.  Daily Muse

Op-Eds:  They publish mainly career, job search, and business-related topics, but anything relevant to professional women is accepted as well.  They have a syndication relationship with Forbes, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Mashable, and more.  When submitting, send 1-2 sentences about yourself and your expertise, along with your article idea.  Include the title, sample introduction, and outline the rest of the piece.  You may include 2-3 samples of previous writing. Submit via e-mail to with the subject line DAILY MUSE PITCH: [story idea]. More.
Circulation: 1.5 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

122. The Chronicle of Higher Education

Op-Eds: 1,000 words maximum. Commentary and Point of View essays should have a timely peg, a specific point of view, and a well-argued, boldly stated opinion. We will also consider essays that explore some aspect of the larger academic community through the author’s personal experience. They should be written in a conversational tone. All facts and data should be sourced in parenthesis following the statements; please do not use footnotes or endnotes. Do not use jargon, pedagogical or otherwise. Submissions should include the author’s title and/or credentials, including what makes him or her particularly qualified to write on the subject as well as a brief paragraph explaining what the author’s main point will be, with a brief summary of his or her arguments. Review may take two weeks. Submit via e-mail to More.
Circulation: 1.9 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

123. The Global Post

Op-Eds: 600-800 words. They publish insightful commentary and expert analysis by individuals worldwide who bring authoritative knowledge and personal experience to a wide range of international topics. Include contact information, a brief bio, and a statement of your credentials to comment on the topic. The piece must be exclusive to the Global Post. Submit via e-mail to Bob Giles at More.
Circulation: 2 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

124. The Pacific Standard

Economics/Culture Essays: 1,200-2,000 words. These are reported essays that cohere around a strong argument or frame. They should give readers a new way to think about an economic topic or a cultural touchstone, and should be buttressed by an understanding of the social science literature that illuminates the subject. Submit via e-mail to More.
Life in the Data: 700 words. This is a personal narrative essay about the interaction between a big social or behavioral pattern—be it demographic, psychological, economic, geographic, or cultural—and one’s own personal, lived experience. They’re not looking for reporting stunts; they’re looking for introspective autobiography and compressed, gemlike writing. Submit via e-mail to More.
Circulation: 1.25 million unique monthly visitors (2014)

125. Women’s eNews

Contributors: Send a pitch, resume, and a recent writing sample to More.

126. Education Week

Op-Eds: 1,200 words maximum. Aspiring contributors should write Commentary essays on issues that affect K-12 education and are of interest to a broad range of people. Our diverse readership includes school administrators, policymakers, and teachers, as well as scholars, lawmakers, government officials, business leaders, professionals, parents, and community leaders. You will only be contacted if they want to publish your piece. Please email submissions as Word attachments to Be sure to include all pertinent contact information, plus a two- to three-sentence biographical sketch giving any current professional position held and related experience. More.
Letters to the Editor: 300 words. Include contact information. Submit via this online form.
Circulation: 600,000 unique monthly visitors (2014)