Alum Ambassadors


Alum Ambassadors are alums who want to stay connected with The OpEd Project, help their fellow seminar participants stay connected and support each other, and nurture the community of women thought leaders in their area.  In most cities, The OpEd Project holds a public seminar followed by an open happy hour in a nearby lovely/quirky/hip location every two months (or in some cities, every 3 months).  We invite brand new alums, all alums from previous seminars, and local mentor–editors and media gatekeepers. Alum Ambassadors help us convene their seminar pals (and can invite other brilliant friends and colleagues) to reunite for drinks, support, cross-pollination of ideas and media networking, on either a one-time-only or ongoing basis.   It's a fun and low-obligation way to support your peers, to support The OpEd Project, and to amplify the voices of women as thought leaders in the public sphere, in your community.  

Alum Ambassadors do the following: 

  • Invite Your Fellow Seminar Mates to Reunite: Alum Ambassadors contact their fellow seminar members and help us invite everyone to reunite at the next happy hour (usually every 2-3 months) – so you all get to see each other again. Alum ambassadors can also invite friends and colleagues whom they’d like to introduce to The OpEd Project community.
  • Usher New Alums to Happy Hour: On the afternoon of the seminar/happy hour, Alum Ambassadors arrive at our seminar location at 4:30pm, to meet OpEd Project staff and the next wave of OpEd Project participants. They escort the fresh crew of OpEd Project women experts/alums over to the nearby happy hour location, and can help introduce new and previous alums and media mentors.
  • Toast/Brag a Women’s Success:  We love for Alum Ambassadors to give a toast at the happy hour.  It can be prepared or spontaneous. You might share one of your op-ed successes, or brag about a success by someone else in your group.  Or thank a mentor-editor or seminar leader, or just say why you think this mission matters. Whatever you want.  Here’s to YOU.
  • Pay it Forward.  Finally, we LOVE  when Alum Ambassadors send their brilliant female friends/colleagues to sign up for the next OpEd Project seminar . When you do that, at the happy hour we may suggest that you toast your friend/colleague, and vice versa!