Q:  Can you help me pitch/submit?  

A:  At The OpEd Project we do everything we can to make it easy for you to succeed – but we don't do it for you.  In fact, we think the lack of women and other under-represented experts submitting on their own is part of the problem.  Check out our tips  under the “Resources (Write It!)” section of our website, as well as our "How to Pitch" page.  More importantly, consider attending one of our core seminars or continuing workshops for in-person guidance and individual feedback.    OpEd Project alums are also eligible to be matched with a high level Mentor-Editor, after they complete a core seminar.  In these cases you may ask your Mentor-Editor for feedback and advice on your pitch.  In some cases Mentor-Editors may, at their discretion, suggest specific editors or outlets they think would be interested in a particular op-ed; but alums should not expect this.