Q:  Where should I submit?  

A: Information outlets come in a wide variety of flavors; don’t limit yourself to one or two publications only. Major outlets such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal are obviously very selective when it comes to op-ed pieces, so instead of reaching only for those, take a moment to think about where your ideas will be of greatest contribution and will have the greatest odds of being published. Remember, certain submissions work better for certain outlets, so be sure to research and understand your target publisher before submitting.  If you decide to aim for The Wall Street Journal or New York Times first — great.  It's good to aim high.  But don't stop there.  Have a plan B, C and D ready, in case The Times doesn't bite.  You may have better odds at a smaller or local publication or an industry publication that specializes on your topic.  And creating a track record of success at smaller outlets can eventually increase your odds at larger outlets.