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A Stimulus for the Middle Class

By Jim Carr | July 13, 2012

(PBS) Last Friday’s disappointing employment number — 88,000 new jobs created in June — is the latest reminder that the economy continues to struggle, and that the 13 million workers still unemployed will remain that way for the foreseeable future. But while Congress refuses to enact any new stimulus spending, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has already responded to the slowing economic growth with the announcement of an additional $267 billion of stimulus activities. 




For poor children, trying hard is not enough

By Trina R. Shanks | July 12, 2012

(CNN) I am the granddaughter of an elementary school cook and a woman who cleaned other people's homes. Both my grandmothers worked hard and didn't earn much money, but they encouraged their children to get an education. Although starting from limited economic circumstances, my parents both earned a college education and were able to attain a middle-class lifestyle to raise me and my siblings. I, their daughter, went on to receive a Ph.D. Unfortunately, this type of upward mobility is much less likely for the children of maids and school cooks today.




Mexico’s Telenovela President: Enrique Peña Nieto’s Saga of Scandal, Gaffes, and Connections

By Teresa Puente | July 3, 2012

(The Daily Beast) The personal life of Mexico's next president, Enrique Peña Nieto, reads like a telenovela script. It could be called "Because you know me," which was his campaign slogan, as the personal affairs of Mexico's next president have become public. The first wife of the 45-year-old former governor of the state of Mexico died in 2007 of epilepsy. The following year, he announced he was in a romantic relationship with Mexican soap-opera actress Angelica Rivera, and they married in 2010—but not before receiving a blessing at the Vatican. Rivera starred in a telenovela called Destilando Amor, orDistilling Love.




Mexico Voters Come Out to Elect a New President Despite Drug Violence

By Teresa Puente | July 1, 2012

(The Daily Beast) On Election Day in this border city, Mexican army soldiers with machine guns guarded the City Hall. They stood watch Sunday as municipal workers cleaned up the building’s archways, where two days before a car bomb exploded on the street, presumably set off by drug cartels. Seven people were injured in the attack.



Christian Science Monitor 

'Having it All' is so 1980s

By Courtney E. Martin and John Cary | July 5, 2012

(The Christian Science Monitor) The latest spike in the “have it all” debate is characteristically out of touch with the reality of what modern families are like and how they function. White, privileged, heterosexual, and married, we are a poster pair for the discussion. And yet the ongoing buzz surrounding Anne-Marie Slaughter’s recent Atlantic cover story on whether – and how – women can balance career success with family doesn’t accurately encapsulate even our experience or ambition.


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